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Wickham's Cure

Wickham's Cure

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Rise & Shine: Say goodbye to hangovers.

Wickham’s Cure; So easy and effective that a 2-ounce shot before bed will save your head.
The natural ingredients in Wickham's Cure speed up alcohol metabolism after drinking by replenishing the body with essential nutrients needed to feel good the next day.

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Ideal Blend of Nature and Science

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    Customer Reviews

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    Morning Relief

    Taking this remedy after a night of drinking helps keep those morning blues away. I think it really does help the process the alcohol so I don’t feel the effects the next morning.

    Game changer

    I’ve tried several hangover remedies in the past and none of them ever really worked. The best option was to drink some electrolytes, take an Advil and hope for the best. Wickham’s cure is different…it actually works! I’ve used it several times now and each morning I wake up feeling like myself. After a night of drinking with my friends, it’s nice to know that I can still be productive the following day! Highly recommend!

    Love it!

    Brought it along to a long weekend of festivities and it was such a relief! Being able to wake up a feel great the next day was a life (and time) saver!

    Best cure ever!!!

    This is such an amazing product. I highly recommend using, if drinking alcohol gives you headaches no matter how much water you drink or how much food you eat. It is such a miracle cure. If you drink it right before going to bed you will definitely feel the difference in the morning. No headaches, and no feeling sick from the night before. You must buy this!

    Saved my Life!!!

    So indulged in way too many drinks at a family function. I should have been sloshed the next day. However, the last thing I drank was the cure, and thank God I did! The next morning I felt fine, just had a little headache; but absolutely nothing like I would have felt if I did not take it.

    I am 5’4” and 145lbs one bottle was fine. However my brother in law stated it didn’t help him (he is 6 ft 250lbs). At the next family function he took three and said he felt AMAZING the next day! So buy/use more if you are bigger and than my measurements :)